Route of castles, palaces and doctor and priest - Jan Dzierżon

OPOLE – KARŁOWICE (circa 26 km):
Opole – Niewodniki – Narok – Popielów – Karłowice

stylish – Wichelhaus family palace (1870), surrounded with a historical park – nowadays, restaurant and hotel.

Narok: manor house built in 1752 by the family von Bees, rebuilt in neo-gothic style by Wichelhaus family.

Stare Siołkowice: ecological preservation area „Gęsi staw” /Goose Pond/.

Popielów: numerous monuments of nature:  Sessile Oaks, including 600 years old “Klara”; Common Yew tree grown into four Sessile Oaks, Small-leaved Lime – 300 years old, erratic boulder.

kościól cmentarny w Popielowie.jpeg

Church – at graveyard, a wooden church built in 1654, polychromes (probably contemporary) The baroque high altar and 17th/18th century sculptures and paintings.
Stone Church: The Blessed Hail Mary Church, late 19th century, baroque side altars dating back to the 2nd half of the 17th century.
House of Jakub Kania – Silesian poet (private property)  

Karłowice: castle built in the 14th century by the family of Tschamer, in 1440  taken over by the family of von Bees. In 1565 it was purchased by the Piasts from Brzeg. The castle features a well-preserved gothic style with a baroque – currently private property.

zamek w Karłowicach.jpeg

Church – The Archangel Michael Church, 18th century main altar, late 16th century dichotomic stalls and 17th century side altars.
House of priest doctor Jan Dzierżoń, founder of parthenogenesis of bees, reformer, constructor of a modern cabinet beehive. Priest Dzierżoń lived in Karłowice for 49 years. It was in Karłowice, where he made his greatest discoveries. Contemporary Dzierżonia street - used to be the route he followed to church in the Castle's Chapel. Nowadays, in the place he lived in, there is a commemorating sign in Polish and German language. Unfortunately there are no memorabilia reminding us the life and inventions of priest Dzierżoń.

Centrum wsi Karłowice z widokiem na Dom ks.jpeg

Alley of Sessile Oaks 220 years old – by the road from Karłowice to Stobrawa.