Route of silesian shrines

OPOLE – JEŁOWA (circa 21 km)
Opole – Kępa – Luboszyce - Kolanowice – Biadacz – Masów – Łubniany – Dąbrówka Łubniańska- Jełowa

Luboszyce: St Anthony parish church built in the beginning of 20th century, chancel with “mosaic painting” representing the patron saint of the church – St Anthony, and next to it the other painting - “St Anthony’s well”. Regional School Chamber (at Primary School).


Kolanowice: The wooden St. Barbara Church (1678) Moved to this place in 1811.
Next to the Church: 350 years old monument of nature Broad-leaved lime tree

Kościól w Kolanowicach.jpeg

Biadacz: Regional School Chamber (Public Grammar School ul. Szeroka) and two shrines dated from the turn of 19th and 120th century.

Kapliczka w Biadaczu.jpeg

Łubniany. Touristic attraction of the national scale – 16th century yew – monument of nature (the tree grows on the private land at Opolska Street) St Paul’s and St Peter’s Neo gothic parish church of 1872.

Kapliczka w Masowie.jpeg

Dąbrówka Łubniańska – postglacial dunes stretching for the distance of few kilometres , over 13 000 years old, up to 30 meters high. In the vicinity of dunes one can see interesting place of local cult, called “Studzionka” /Well/. This is a shrine with refreshing spring.


Jełowa, the final place on the route. We can find a unique natural stand of Early Marsh-orchid and Western Marsh-orchid – ecological preservation area of „Jełowa”. Complex of parochial buildings and St. Bartholomew Church first mentioned in 1399. The present church was built in 1751.