Monuments of nature

Monuments of nature - single specimens of life or abiotic nature, or their complexes of significant natural, scientific, cultural or historical importance or any other natural formations, such as extremely old and sizeable trees and brushes, waterfalls or other.
There are 92 trees registered in the In Opole County registry of monuments of nature. Some of those trees are the biggest ones in Poland.

  • 550 years old Common Yew – growing in Łubniany (13 meters high , very wide crown, trunk divides into two at the height of 1,7 meters),
  • 350 years old Beech Tree – growing in Lubienie in the vicinity of Popielów (28 meters high, trunk circumference 4 meters),
  • 380 years old Sessile Oak – growing on the left side of Turawa - Rzędów road (25 meters high, trunk circumference 5,5 meters).

The oldest and the most sizeable Sessile Oak tree – grows in the village of Szydłowiec Śląski (on the border of the town of Niemodlin) 570 years old (25 meters high, trunk circumference of 865 cm).