Forest and Forest Inspectorates

In the Opole County, forestry grounds cover the area of 72 400 ha, including 70 400 ha of forests.  It results in a very high index of afforestation – 44,4%. If it comes to the property structure, the most common are public forests – 97,2% of the total area, of which 96,4% is governed by the national Forests Inspectorate. Those forests are taken care of by forest inspectorates, whose area of activity is different than administrative borders of the Opole County. Inspectorates: 

Opole Forest Inspectorate, For the counties of: Chrząstowice, Dąbrowa, Komprachcice, Niemodlin, Ozimek Tarnów Opolski, Tułowice, Turawa

45-517 Opole
ul. Groszowicka 10
tel./fax 77 45405 41
Open: 7.00 – 15.00

Prószków Forest Inspectorate: Prószków, Komprachcice, Tułowice

46-060 Prószków
ul. Opolska 14
tel. 77 464 80 36 fax 77 464 80 22
Opoen: 7.00 – 15.00

Tułowice Forest Inspectorate: Dąbrowa, Niemodlin, Tułowice

49 – 130 Tułowice
ul. Parkowa 14/14a
tel. 77 460 01 09, 77 460 00 45 fax 77 460 01 23
Open: 7.00 – 15.00

Brzeg Forest Inspectorate: County of Popielów: for villages of - Karłowice, Kolonia Popielowska, Kuźnia Katowska, Kurznie, Rybna, Stare Kolnie, Stobrawa        

49 – 300 Brzeg
ul. Kilińskiego 1
tel. 77 4163785, fax 77 416 33 93
Open: 7.00 – 15.00

Kup Forest Inspectorate: Dobrzeń Wielki, Łubniany, Murów, Popielów (other villages),

46-082 Kup
ul. 1 Maja 9
tel. 77 469 52 12 fax 77 469 53 53
Open: 7.15 – 15.15.

Turawa Forest Inspectorate: Turawa, Murów, Łubniany

46-045 Turawa
ul. Opolska 35
tel. 77 4212011, 77 4212037 fax 77 4212074
Open: 7.15 – 15.15

Areas of protected landscape
Areas of protected landscape are created in order to preserve cultural and environmental values of a certain region and to stabilize natural environment by creation of so called ecological corridors.    In the territory of Opole County the total area of protected landscapes covers 59577,9 ha. Opole County areas of protected landscapes include; Stobrawsko – Turawskie Forests, Niemodlińskie Forests and protected landscape area called Grodziec.

Niemodlińskie Forests – communes of: Komprachcice, Niemodlin, Prószków, Tułowice, Dąbrowa. Nowadays it is Poland’s biggest forestry complex in the western part of the upper Odra River – 480 km2.  This area of protected landscape is one of the most valuable nature reserve, preserving the remains of Silesia Virgin Forest. Niemodlińskie Forests have preserved typical for Polish forests mixed deciduous and coniferous character.  Forests constitute circa 60% of the area of Niemodlińskie Forests protected landscape area. Forest area is so vast, what makes it a kind of buffer for the destructive influences of the external factors, hence the area of  Tułowice and Niemodlin is commonly known as “the green lungs of the Opole region”. Biologists from Opole University have discriminated there 19 species of legally protected plants , including 12 plants of strict legal protection, like for instance Salvinia Natans, Nuphar Lutea, White Water-Lilly, Jesuit's Nut, Hedera Helix, Aldrovanda Vesiculosa.  Salvinia and Aldrovanda are species listed on the list of Europe's endangered species. Fauna is also rich.  There are 181 protected species registered, for instance fire bellied toad, green toad, pool frog, green crested newt, adders and common lizards. Ornitofauna is also of great importance, it constitutes 34% of the total national ornitofauna (150 oogonium species).   Concrake and white tailed eagle are on the world list of endangered species. Birds like black kite, red kite, little bittern, little crake, boreal owl and ferruginous duck are the species listed on the national list of endangered species.

Stobrawsko – Turawskie Forests – communes of: Popielów, Murów, Łubniany, Turawa, Chrząstowice and Ozimek.
This area of protected landscape was established in 1988 in the western part of Opole Voivodship.  Forests are the remains of Silesia Virgin Forest with mixed forest sites and varied habitats of many species. We can find there forest sites of mixed forest, humid and dry with the dominance of pure pine stands. In the river valleys we can find the most precious sites, unique because of their temporary flooding. In those places we can find dry ground forests, elm forests, wet ground forests, mixed oak-lime-hornbeam forests and mixed deciduous forests. All those varied types of forests contribute to formation of many watercourses, meadows, boggy areas, oxbow lakes, springs and ponds, and also post-glacier moraines and sand dunes.  Area of Stobrawsko – Turwaskie Forests is recognized as one of the most valuable nature preservation  areas of the Opole Silesia region. There are flora nature reserves, and well known - four Turawa Lakes. The biggest one is of 2200 ha area, which was formed in 1938 as a result of clogging of waters of the Mała Paner River. Area of Turawa Lakes is well known for its rich fauna and flora. We can find there rare species of animals like for instance smooth snake, slow-worm, natter-jack toad, snipe and many plants; vinca minor, bogbean or vaccinium uliginosum.  

Grodziec – protected landscape area, located in the County of Niemodlin.  This area is a forest-meadow ecosystem, bordering the area of Niemodlińskie Forests. It extends on the area of 312 ha.