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Economic structure

In the REGON registry [/Polish/ National Business Registry Number] there are over 9000 entries – including 8630 economic enterprises in the private sector.

High number of inhabitants (circa 50%) is employed in the industrial sector of the County. Elektrownia Opole S.A. based in Brzezie, is the biggest employer in the Opole County. This Power plant belongs to the national electrical power engineering system. Engineering and metallurgy industry is located in Ozimiek and Osowiec.  In Ozimek, there are holding companies – that were formed as a result of restructuring of Małapanew steelworks. Osowiec - Fabryka Wyrobów Metalowych, sp.z o.o. [Metalwork Plant Ltd], Glass-works “Jedlice” located in Jedlice.

Moreover, in the Opole County, there are many craftsman and producers workshops, service points specializing in car mechanics, construction and repair works services providers, gastronomy/catering services, cabinet works (circa 250 woodworking shops), tailor shops, hand decoration of china and artistic embroidery.