Agriculture is the most dominant branch of economy of the County.  Arable lands cover over 40% of the County area. Barley, rye and wheat is cultivated in the croplands. Cattle farming, pig farming and glasshouse cultivation of vegetables and flowers has also developed in the region. In the recent years, large percentage of poor soils was converted into construction plots – for the purposes of housing and economic activity.

Structure of land use:

46% arable lands
5% developed urbanized lands
2% lands under water
1% idle lands and other

In the Opole County most of the soils are classified as sandy loam soils. Mostly sandy soils, clayey and organic soils. Nowadays, in river Valleys we can find fen soils – and in places located beneath – black soil (chernozem).   

Agricultural lands in the Opole County:
72 745 ha, including:

69% arable lands
2% grazing lands
2% lands under ponds and trenches
24% meadows
2% grazing lands
1% orchards

Land classification: 

Grade I arable lands the best none
Grade II arable lands very good 0,4%
Grade III arable lands medium good 12,8%
Grade IV arable lands medium 34,4%
Grade V arable lands poor 32,5%
Grade VI arable lands the poorest 19,9 %