River network and water landscapes

There are many beautiful water landscapes in the area of Turawa Lakes (bird wildlife reserve of European importance)  and also in smaller conglomeration of ponds; Marszałki, Tułowickie and Niemodlińskie ponds, water reservoirs near Kuźnica Katowska and Prószków - "Nowokuźnickie Pond" (floristic reserve).  In the southern part of Popielów commune, in old river bed of the Odra river we can find the biggest conglomeration of natural water reservoirs.

The main River of Opole County is the Odra River (854,3 km – total length), with 45 km in the County. The biggest right tributaries are: the Mała Panew River and the Stobrawa River.

The Mała Panew River (131,8 km – total length) with its tributaries, cuts through the eastern part of Opole County.  In river basin of the Mała Panew River there are:  Myślina, Rosa with Chobianka, Libawa, Chrząstawa with Jemielnicą and also tributaries of Sucha and Swornica rivers. In order to enable regulation of the water level on the Odra River and provide recreational features, water storage reservoir was built on the Mała Panew River (1933 – 1948).  Reservoir is of total 24 km2 area, 13 m deep, with maximum capacity of 106 ml m3, height of the dam is up to 13 meters. In Turawa area, except for the reservoir, which is known as the Big Lake, there are three other lakes - called Medium and Small and the Silver Lake located in the forest.  Turawa Lakes were formed as a result of extraction of gravel used for construction of the dam and embankment of the main reservoir.  All three lakes are enclosed with pine forests.  Turawa Reservoir is one of the tree most important, wild bird life reserves for migratory birds in the Opole Region. In the autumn and spring time, this is the place of habitat for numerous flocks of birds (over 20 000 individuals) of Anseriformes and Charadriiformes order.   

The Stobrawa River with its tributaries flows through the northern part of Opole County. The River flows through Starobrawskie Forests at Silesia’s Lowlands, through Karłowice and places located outside the County, namely Olesno, Kluczbork and Domaradz. The river is of 77,6 km length and joins the Odra River just outside village of Stobrawa. The most important tributaries are the Bogacica River, the Budkowiczanka River and the Wołczyński Strumień River.

The Nysa Kłodzka River is the biggest left tributary of the Odra River, in its short part it marks the western border line of Opole County. Area between the Nysa Kłodzka River and the Odra River is cut by the river network of smaller rivers such as;  The Wiński Potok River, The Prószkowski Potok River, The Ścinawa Niemodlińska River.


Commune of Niemodlin: Sangów, Loża, Pustelnik 
Commune of Dobrzeń Wielki: Balaton, Okoniówka, Zielone
Commune of Dąbrowa Czarny Staw w Żelaznej
Commune of Prószków: Staw Nowokuźnicki w Nowej Kuźni
Commune of Murów: Fish farm ponds in Święciny, Zagwiździe, Murów
Commune of Tułowice: Fish farm ponds in Tułowice and Ligota Tułowicka


Commune of Turawa:                            Small, Mesium, Tonloch and Silver 
Commune of Popielów: Gęsi Staw [Goose Lake] and old river bed broads at the site of the polder

Post excavation reservoirs – so called gravel pits or stoneware sites can be found at the area of the County. Small fishing ponds stocked by County’s  Angling Clubs.