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Standing comitees

Auditing Committee:

Among other things, the Committee issues opinions on the execution of the county’s budget, puts forward proposals concerning granting vote of approval for the board of the county, pilots checks ordered by the council of the county, checks activity of the board of the county and county’s organisational units.

 1. Krzysztof Cebula Chairman
2. Edward Jędra Deputy Chairman
3. Leonard Pietruszka Member of the Committee
4. Krystian Cichos Member of the Committee
5. Tomasz Strzałkowski Member of the Committee

Budget Committee:

Among other things,  the Committee shapes budget policy of the county, gives opinion on programs and economical solutions (financial approach), gives opinion on county’s budget and stages of its realization, analyses and estimates expenditures and incomes of the county and proposes fee rates and taxes – which contribute for the income of the county.

1. Roman Respondek Chairman
2. Joachim Świerc Deputy Chairman
3. Anna Raida Member of the Committee
4. Elzbieta Stolarczuk Member of the Committee
5. Krystian Cichos Member of the Committee

Social Policy Committee:

Among other things,  the Committee shapes education policy of the local county community, evaluates activity of secondary schools managed by the county, inspires development of sport and tourism activities, promotes the county, deals with health protection issues, defines actions aimed at helping disabled, cooperates with non-governmental organizations, estimates actions taken in the field of pro social and pro family policy, defines actions aimed at decreasing unemployment and necessary actions to activate local labour market, evaluates and defines actions aimed at keeping social order and citizen safety, evaluates and defines actions aimed at protection of consumer rights.

1. Leonard Pietruszka Chairman
2. Teresa Pietruszka Deputy Chairman
3. Agnieszka Grodzieńska - Makulska Member of the Committee
4. Agnieszka Zakrzewska Member of the Committee
5. Helena Wojtasik Member of the Committee

Economic Policy Committee:

Among other things, The Committee points out directions of development and defines frames of the local policy, evaluates the state of maintenance of county’s buildings and public service facilities, defines management of county’s real estates, cooperates with other local governments and community associations in the sphere of realization of other than county investments – especially related with water/heat/gas supply and waste disposal, evaluates the state of county roads and road signs, deals with environment protection and water resources management, cooperates with units responsible for agriculture, deals with flood and fire protection issues.   

1. Norbert Halupczok Chairman
2. Alicja Trychan Deputy Chairman
3. Rudolf Mohlek Member of the Committee
4. Tomasz Gabor Member of the Committee
5. Konrad Dendera Member of the Committee